Young M.A.’s True Charms Are Hidden All Throughout The Lyrics For ‘OOOUUU’

Even if the name Young M.A. doesn’t ring a bell for you, chances are you’ve heard her music, specifically “OOOUUU,” whether it was the original song itself or one of the countless “freestyle remixes” floating around right now. That’s what happens you have one of the hottest songs in the streets and clubs across the country. And for the female lyricist from Brooklyn she understands that part the song’s appeal lies in her intoxicating vocals and casual flow.

“When I said ‘OOOUUU’ it was just another way of being free,” she explained to Genius as part of their new Verified series. “Like I’m gonna just call it ‘OOOUUU’ and f*ck it, like, it was more of those records like I’m not gonna put too much on it. I’m just gon, whatever, and see how people take to it. It was just something me and my bros say.”

The decision to let it all hang out allows her charismatic ways to shine as she delivers a gaggle of Brooklyn slang to unsuspecting ears. In fact, the sneaky language may also hide the fact that M.A.’s whole squad is built around the idea of the spiritual. “Red Lyfe, that’s the team, that’s the movement,” she said. “Repent, everyday life. Red is for the blood of Jesus. We’re a spiritual movement, we believe in God.”

Her faith probably helps bolster her confidence, as evidenced in the lines “Pockets on a chubby chick (ah) / And still go bag a thottie in some bummy shit (ooouuu).” As she explains it, “My aura and the way I am speaks for me. I don’t feel like clothes, designer shit, none of that shit speaks for me. Y’all guys out here doing the most to get a chick and all I gotta do is throw on some sweats, some sneaks, a white tee, black tee and still take her home with me.”

That faith, confidence and charm should take M.A. a long way as she prepares to release her debut project Herstory in 2016.