There’s A Potentially Important ‘Game Of Thrones’ Clue Hidden In The Season 8 Teaser


Jon Snow’s hair on Game of Thrones has (had) secret significance, and while it was a constant annoyance for Kit Harington, the rest of the cast loved to mock his moody locks. “He probably takes the most care of his hair out of like everyone on the show I know,” Sophie Turner told InStyle. “He’s obsessed. Before red carpets, you would always see him scrunching the ends of his curls to make sure they’re perfect. We all take the piss out on him for that.”

The actress also discussed the importance of Sansa’s hairstyle, and how it “changed season by season depending on who was influencing her. The first few episodes she was a Northerner in Winterfell and took after her mother with a simple braid down the back. Then when she went to King’s Landing it was a big, decadent halo that was very much like what the Queen wore. With Littlefinger, she dyes her hair black and wears all black. Then she goes back to Winterfell and returns to her mother’s hair.” According to Turner, Sansa became her woman in season seven and will continue down that path in season eight, because “she’s finally the leader and influencer instead of being influenced by everyone else,” but a recently-released teaser might reveal otherwise.

Here’s a shot of Sansa’s hair in the “Crypts of Winterfell” teaser.


Look familiar? It’s pretty similar to Daenerys in “The Long Walk.”


The side-by-side look.

Normally, I would chalk this up as coincidence (everyone in Westeros is a copycat!), but considering the amount of importance that is placed upon Sansa’s head, I’m not so sure. As Pop Sugar notes, “The coiled spiral of braids at the backs of their heads, the curled tumbling locks that cascade down their backs… It’s clear that the styles are, well, sisters, for lack of a better word. In other shots, you can see how singular braids at the front of the scalp have been pulled back to contribute to the entire look.” Does this mean Sansa will get along with Dany, despite loads of chilly evidence to the contrary (her hair is a mixture of Northern and Southern styles, after all), or maybe like Dany in “The Long Walk,” it’s a clue that her main objective is to sit on the Throne? That could prove interesting, for Starks and Targaryens alike. There’s also the chance Turner was telling the truth with her “Independent Sansa” comments.

We’ll find out in April, when Game of Thrones returns to HBO.

(Via InStyle and Pop Sugar)