There’s A Hoax About A Lice Breakout At An Alex G Show, So The Venue And Japanese Breakfast Got In On The Fun

Alex G produced Japanese Breakfast’s Jubilee track “Savage Good Boy.” Now, he’s on the receiving end of some internet savagery. Alex G wrapped his headlining North American tour at his hometown Philadelphia’s Union Transfer over the weekend and the indie rocker should be celebrated for back-to-back sold-out shows… should be.

Are you picturing Charlie Day’s It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia meme? Good. That’s me, untangling this internet hoax for you. Last November, there was a lice outbreak at a Waterparks concert in Chicago. Yesterday (November 20), one mischievous tweeter repurposed that real lice warning as a joke about a fake lice outbreak at Alex G’s weekend Philly shows.

Union Transfer got in on it, tweeting, “don’t want everyone to go home and give their families lice at Thanksgiving!” The venue then had to clarify that it was in on the joke after confusion spread.

This brings us back to Japanese Breakfast’s Michelle Zauner.

“Yesterday Alex G told me my band was like The Cheesecake Factory and theirs was like Olive Garden,” Zauner tweeted this afternoon (November 20). “But I think you’re more likely to get lice at a Cheesecake Factory soooooo…”

We really should have seen this sort of savagery coming from J-Brekkie after she recently (and playfully) warned she was “officially starting indie beef” with Arctic Monkeys. But even The Cheesecake Factory’s obnoxiously long menu couldn’t have accounted for this unhinged sequence.

Scroll below to catch up on the spiraling reactions. Alex G, meanwhile, has not acknowledged any of this.