Andy Shauf Announces ‘The Neon Skyline’ With The Narrative Single ‘Things I Do’

Canadian singer/songwriter Andy Shauf is back with the first single off his upcoming record. Shauf put forth “Things I Do” and has announced his fifth studio album The Neon Skyline.

According to a press release, the entirety of The Neon Skyline takes place during one night at a local bar. Throughout the course of the record, the narrator arrives at his neighborhood dive bar, finds out his ex is back in town, then she eventually shows up. “Things I Do” follows that theme and chronicles the dissolution of the narrator’s relationship with said ex. “Thought you’d be happy to see me / But you said, ‘What the hell are you doing here?’ / Why do I do the things I do / When I know I am losing you,” Shauf sings over reverb guitar chords and a jazzy saxophone.

The Neon Skyline will be Shauf’s follow-up to 2016 solo record The Party and 2018’s self-titled release from his side project Foxwarren. On top of announcing a new record, Shauf released a slew of tour stops as part of his North American and European tour supporting the upcoming album. Check out the tour dates on Shauf’s website.

Listen to “Things I Do” above, and find the tracklist for The Neon Skyline below.

1. “Neon Skyline”
2. “Where Are You Judy”
3. “Clove Cigarette”
4. “Thirteen Hours”
5. “Things I Do”
6. “Living Room”
7. “Dust Kids”
8. “The Moon”
9. “Try Again”
10. “Fire Truck”
11. “Changer”

The Neon Skyline is out January 24 via ANTI-/Arts & Crafts. Pre-order it here.