Angel Olsen Gives Poised Performances Of ‘Summer’ And ‘Chance’ On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

A couple months ago, Angel Olsen returned with All Mirrors, her first album in three years (and one of 2019’s best indie albums). It’s a grand and dramatic record, and she brought that energy to Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night when she performed “Summer” and “Chance.”

She played the country-tinged, Old West rocker “Summer” on air, wearing a shiny silver dress and singing the absolute heck out of the song. “Chance,” meanwhile, is a web-exclusive video, and her more downtempo performance probably inspired some prom-style slow dancing in the audience.

Olsen previously told Pitchfork that “Summer” is “like waking up in the morning after a bad week, and suddenly you’re fine and ready for anything. And you realize, ‘I needed all this stuff to happen in order to appreciate my life more.'” She also said of “Chance,” “The end [of All Mirrors] is like, hey, let’s not promise everything. Nobody’s present anymore. Everybody wants you to be a partner who thinks about what kind of life you’ll lead together, being at the bookstore five years down the line with the kid. But what about in the moment? If somebody’s already looking at their phone in the morning without asking you how you’re doing… I was trying to end the record saying: Why don’t we just try to be present with each other?”

Watch Olson perform “Summer” and “Chance” above, and read our review of All Mirrors here. Also see where All Mirrors sits on our list of 2019’s best indie albums here.