Beabadoobee Describes The Sound Of Her Next Album As ‘Very 2006’

Beabadoobee had a big 2020 with Fake It Flowers and struck while the iron was hot with the 2021 EP Our Extended Play. Now, Beabadoobee is working on a new LP, and it’ll be a good one for fans who have nostalgia for the mid-2000s.

In a recent Alt Press interview, she described the album:

“It’s a lot of different vibes. There’s not one song that sounds the same as the others. I’ve been really getting into a band called Stars, and I’ve always loved Stereolab as well. I’ve been working with my guitarist Jacob and using a lot of teenage engineering, drum machines, mixtures of guitars. It’s been really fun. I don’t know how to explain it, but it sounds very 2006 [laughs]. I feel like this new album is what I am meant to sound like.”

She also spoke about what it’s been like gaining an American audience recently, saying, “It was definitely a really interesting experience. I didn’t know what to expect in the US. In England, I know people will know my songs. London is my home, but I didn’t expect people to know the words to my songs in the US. My first show back was in Washington, and the kids went crazy. I remember being backstage expecting the kids here to not go as crazy as my fans in the UK, but they went crazy, and it was amazing. The kids have been so lovely, cool and so chill. It’s been a really cool experience here in America.”

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