Beach House Share The First Four Songs From Their Upcoming Album ‘Once Twice Melody’

Yesterday, Beach House announced Once Twice Melody, which will be the duo’s first album in nearly four years when it drops in February 2022. Their plan is to drop the album in periodic four-song chunks, and the first of those chunks as now here, as the band shared the album’ first four songs: “Once Twice Melody,” “Superstar,” “Pink Funeral,” and “Through Me.”

As expected, the tracks fully inhabit the dream-pop wheelhouse the group has become so masterful at occupying, all while delivering a variety of moods and tempos.

In a January interview, Victoria Legrand said of her and bandmate Alex Scally’s songwriting process, “I’ve always said music is very personal to Alex and I, but it’s not just that I got my heart broken by this guy or girl, it’s I got my heart broken by the whole world. Or all the things I ever heard about somebody’s heartbreak, it’s in me somehow. It’s like this stain and it’s coming out because I hear these tones and these chords and these notes, and they make me feel like crying or they make me completely euphoric. That’s the thing that hasn’t changed, but I think it’s become amplified. And that is why I don’t think we’re done making records. Because if that ever stopped, if that really innocent reaction, where all of the angst and all of the sorrow and beauty didn’t just get triggered into something beautiful, or something that takes us out of the news or the car crash, then we would stop, I always said that. But it’s not stopping.”

Listen to the new songs as a group above or individually below.

Once Twice Melody is out 2/18/2022 via Sub Pop. Pre-order it here.