Bedouine’s New Album ‘Waysides’ Kicks Off With A Dreamy New Single, ‘The Wave’

After her stunning self-titled breakout album in 2017, Bedouine has been a staple in the acoustic nu-folk world ever since. Bedouine, aka Azniv Korkejian, followed up her first record with a second song cycle, Bird Songs Of A Killjoy in 2019, and after a year and some change spent on lockdown, she’s got a third record ready to release this fall. Waysides is due out on October 15, introduced today with the tranquil single “The Wave,” which Korkejian explained is a song about a past grief.

“I wrote this about the loss of a close friend, specifically the swell of emotion I try to resign myself to when thinking of her premature absence,” she said of the track. “She was someone who had an uncomplicated relationship with life and living. I often wondered, ‘Why her and not me?’ I was trying to practice the things I was learning, to surrender to the fear and the grief… and the fear of grief. I haven’t entirely worked through it. Writing ‘The Wave’ was a reminder to feel my feelings. At a time of such collective loss I imagine there are people out there that could relate. It feels cathartic to share.”

Check out the new song above and the full Waysides tracklist below.

1. “The Solitude”
2. “It Wasn’t Me”
3. “I Don’t Need The Light”
4. “Easy”
5. “You Never Leave Me”
6. “The Wave”
7. “This Machine”
8. “Forever Everette”
9. “Sonnet 104”
10. “Songbird”

Waysides is out 10/15 via Bedouine Music. Pre-order it here.