Who Is Brad Pitt’s Rumored Girlfriend?

Ever since Brad Pitt’s very contentious split with his longtime wife and partner, Angelina Jolie, he’s been living the bachelor life. Jolie has already moved on in some ways, at least if her very date-like dinners with The Weeknd — and the lyrics to some of his most recent songs — can be believed. Of course, she’s expertly dodged questions about moving on from Brad, and so far, he’s expertly dodged seriously committing to anyone new. That is, until very recently.

Who is Brad Pitt’s rumored girlfriend?

Indie and alt-pop fans are very familiar with the woman that Pitt, 58, is supposedly seeing. Reports from British tabloid The Sun have linked Pitt with Swedish singer Lykke Li, citing the fact that Li lives only a three minutes drive from Pitt as how they’ve been able to keep the new romance under wraps. But a source at People insists that they’re just part of the same group of friends, hanging out in a crew that includes Alia Shawkat.

Today, The Daily Mail chimed in on the subject, noting that the popular Instagram blog Deux Moi also addressed it and said the pair are only friends. If you want to brush up on your Lykke Li knowledge just in case, please check out her incredible 2014 album I Never Learn, or even 2018’s So Sad So Sexy. Early fans swear by Wounded Rhymes in 2011, or even her debut, Youth Novel from 2008, but I personally believe her latest album is her best.

Wonder which Lykke album Brad thinks is the best?