Bright Eyes Opt To Postpone The Indoor Shows On Their Current Tour

This time last summer, Bright Eyes delivered their first performance in over a decade on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. Now they’re back doing live shows, doing a mini-tour that began on July 29 in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and was set to last through the second week of August. Unfortunately, the band was forced to postpone select performances. A July 31 show in New York City, a pair of performances in Atlanta on August 6 and 7, as well as another one in Birmingham, Alabama on August 8 have all been postponed by the band. According to Stereogum, Bright Eyes shared a statement about the delay.

Due to the complications of managing a large touring party during a pandemic, Bright Eyes have made the difficult decision to postpone a handful of their indoor Summer 2021 shows. Over the past few weeks the band have joined the rest of the world in having to recalibrate and reassess their safety measures on an almost daily basis as new information is reported. The well being of the musicians, crew, friends and family on the road are of the utmost importance to them. Conor, Mike and Nate are aware that decisions they make for their traveling workplace have widespread repercussions for all immunocompromised family members within their touring party’s orbit and have therefore made the personal decision to postpone four shows during this time of unprecedented uncertainty. Bright Eyes will always prioritize the health and safety concerns of their touring team and are committed to providing a working environment everyone is comfortable with.

Refunds for the affected shows are available at the points of purchase. Bright Eyes also revealed that the New York City, Atlanta, and Birmingham shows will be rescheduled as a part of their 2022 touring schedule.