Chris Stapleton’s ‘White Horse’ Single Is Readying Fans For His Emotionally Raw And Brutally Honest ‘Higher’ Album

Chris Stapleton’s intoxicating vocals may be as smooth as Tennesee whiskey, but some things are just too bitter to swallow. The country music star doesn’t much care for the title “woke,” instead opting for truth-teller. In his new single, “White Horse,” the entertainer does just that.

On the record, produced by Stapleton, Dave Cobb, and his wife Morgane Stapleton (also a recording artist), Chris gets honest with himself and his imaginary partner about what he is and isn’t capable of when it comes to love. While it is easy to romanticize a future with the burly guitarist, he wants to set the record start as he sings, “If you want a cowboy on a white horse / Ridin’ off into the sunset / If that’s the kinda love you wanna wait for / Hold on tight, girl, I ain’t there yet.”

As much as it pains him to admit, Stapleton knows it’s best for all parties involved to remove their rose-colored glasses to lay out their potential future together realistically. “White Horse” is the first taste of Chris Stapleton’s upcoming album, Higher, which is due out this fall.

Listen to the song above and find the Higher cover art and tracklist below.

Chris Stapleton Higher cover art
Sound Records

1. “What Am I Gonna Do”
2. “South Dakota”
3. “Trust”
4. “It Takes A Woman”
5. “The Fire”
6. “Think I’m In Love With You”
7. “Loving You On My Mind”
8. “White Horse”
9. “Higher”
10. “The Bottom”
11. “The Day I Die”
12. “Crosswind”
13. “Weight Of Your World”
14. “Mountains Of My Mind”

Higher is out 11/10 via Sound Records/Mercury Nashville. Find more information here.