The Kinks’ Dave Davies Weighs In On Whether Women Should Go ‘Au Naturel’ Down There

The Kinks’ guitarist and vocalist Dave Davies had a thought to get off his mind on a particularly interesting choice of topic, to say the least.

Davies delivered an opinion of women’s hygiene, and while the topic wasn’t trending in any sense, he dove right into it and kept things completely honest. “I’m not sure if this is an appropriate tweet but In the sixties some of the models shaved their minges,” he tweeted. “I always thought it was a turn off I always liked women to look ‘au natural.'”

Davies somewhat stuck to his opinion and the randomness of it all after some fans responded to his initial tweet. When one person asked, “Did you regret tweeting about this or not yet ? Haha,” Davies replied, “I don’t know.” He also cleared up a mistake in the original post, writing, “It was a typo I meant to say fringes.”

Davies’ post comes as rumors of a reunion with The Kinks continue to swirl. The band’s current members include Dave himself; his older brother Ray Davies, who is the lead vocalist and main songwriter; and drummer Mick Avory. During a 2018 interview with Uproxx, Dave spoke about a possible Kinks reunion. “We have been talking about doing some stuff,” he said. “We’ve worked together on a few songs and he has some material that he wants to go over and re-record or something.”

Earlier this year, during an interview with the Washington Post, Dave once again discussed the possibility of a reunion. “We’ve been talking about it,” he said. “I mean there’s a lot of material and, you know, it could still happen.”

You can view Davies’ tweet in the post above.