David Crosby And Phoebe Bridgers Continue Their Guitar-Smashing Beef With More Shots Fired

Phoebe Bridgers seems to be well-liked by fans, critics, and her peers, so perhaps she’s not the first person you’d expect to get involved in a music feud. Then again, she’s not one to hold back when it comes to speaking her mind, so if beef does come her way, she’d be ready. That’s just what happened recently with David Crosby, who called her attempt at smashing a guitar on SNL this past weekend “pathetic.” She responded by calling the music legend a “little b*tch.” Since then, Crosby has continued the feud and Bridgers happily fired some more shots back.

Last night, Crosby bashed the act of guitar-smashing in general, tweeting, “Guitars are for playing ..making music …..not stupidly bashing them on a fake monitor for childish stage drama …..I really do NOT give a flying F if others have done it before It’s still STUPID.” He then responded to a GIF of The Who destroying their instruments on stage, writing, “Didn’t like them doing it either …stupid dramatics,” then added in another tweet, “They are not toys …or props …we who’ve played them for our whole lives try to treat the with respect.” He later added in response to a tweet about Pete Townsend and Jimi Hendrix, “I have always thought it was dumb …it’s what you do if you can’t write sing or play.”

Responding to a tweet about Bridgers’ SNL performance, he offered more criticism about smashing guitars and noted that he didn’t care for Bridgers’ signature skeleton outfits either, which her band wore during the performance: “I am told that wasn’t a very good night for her and she’s really quite good …I could not see it or hear it then …the skeleton costumes were kind of distracting as well ….the guitar thing was old , wrong , copy cat, looks angry , destructive , wasteful , pointless.”

He was later asked if he likes Bridgers’ music and he replied, “Have not heard her at her best I suspect.” Somebody responded to one of Crosby’s tweets, “It looked so lame. staged. Not real emotions hence not passion. And yes, a fine instrument should not be subject to abuse,” and he replied, “Wasn’t even that good an axe …..it’s the Staged part that leaves me cold.”

A Twitter user pointed out a perceived double standard of Bridgers being judged for this more harshly because she’s not a man, and Crosby replied, “I didn’t like it when men did it either …it’s stupid drama …poor substitute for talent …..” He also co-signed a tweet about his thoughts on guitar-smashing, writing, “True.” The tweet reads, “Any of you calling Croz out for this are so ignorant… He’s been vocally against smashing guitars for DECADES. I’ve seen him say it in TV interviews, magazines, etc. It has nothing to do with who is doing the smashing… It has to do with his LOVE for guitars. They are sacred.”

Meanwhile, Bridgers doesn’t seem too bothered by all this. Yesterday, she shared a photo of her smashing the guitar and wrote, “got some really great feedback from my performance ! next time I’ll just burn it and it will be more expensive.” She also has more insults for Crosby: In response to one of his tweets, she replied this afternoon, “whiny bitch.”

Check out Crosby’s tweets below.

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