Phoebe Bridgers Had The Best Response To David Crosby’s Critique Of Her Guitar-Smashing ‘SNL’ Performance

Though he’s a legend of the music industry, David Crosby has slowed down on releasing music in recent years. He instead spends some of his time sharing hot takes on Twitter and rating his followers’ poorly-rolled joints. Some of Crosby’s opinions have gotten him in hot water, like when said he felt “meh” about Eddie Van Halen’s music just days after the musician’s death. Now, Crosby has given his tepid review of Phoebe Bridgers’ recent performance on Saturday Night Live, though Bridgers wasn’t phased.

Bridgers took the SNL stage over the weekend to perform some of the tracks off her sophomore album Punisher. Though most of her songs are relatively slow, Bridgers had one trick up her sleeve to liven things up a bit: After singing the final verse of her track “I Know The End,” Bridgers began smashing her guitar against a nearby amp. People had a lot of opinions about the shtick — including Crosby.

One of Crosby’s followers tweeted at him asking how he felt about Bridgers’ attempt to destroy her guitar. Crosby offered his succinct critique: “Pathetic.”

Much like Crosby’s review, Bridgers had a pithy response. “Little b*tch,” she wrote under his tweet.

While it seemed as though Bridgers had totally broken the stage amp during her guitar smashing, the singer later revealed that it was all premeditated. Apparently, SNL had a fake monitor made especially for the occasion.

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