Descendents Cancel Their European Tour After Frontman Milo Aukerman Suffered A ‘Mild’ Heart Attack

In 2021, iconic punk band Descendents made a comeback with their eighth studio album, 9th & Walnut, whose tracks were written around 40 years prior, which they explained to Uproxx in our interview. The band, who toured with Jawbreaker just last year, has shared a worrying update about their upcoming tour in Europe.

The shows have been canceled due to a “mild heart attack” suffered by singer Milo Aukerman, who needs to recover. Read their statement:

“We are truly sorry, but we have to cancel the upcoming European shows.

Our singer, Milo, had a mild heart attack last night. He’s doing fine, and is expected to make a full recovery from surgery, but will need a few weeks to recover before we can hit the road again.

Hope to see you soon.”

In our interview with the band, Aukerman discussed the universal struggle of making friends as a kid, especially as a punk. “If you’re that person in high school who just can’t find his crew, and is maybe on your own, a loner, you have a couple different choices,” he said. “But I think one of the choices is just to kind of rail against the people who are kind of precluding your involvement.”