A Drunk Guy At Kid Rock’s Nashville Bar Threw His Own Sh*t At Police Officers

With karma like Kid Rock, it’s almost surprising that a man wielding a bag of sh*t hasn’t disrupted his bar before. Yes, Kid Rock, born and raised in Romeo, Michigan (maybe this is a regional thing?), has fully cashed in on the Nashville tourism business to the point that he owns a bar and grill called — I sh*t you not — Kid Rock’s Honky Tonk Rock ‘N Roll Steakhouse.

But this story goes well beyond simply poking fun at the concept of a combined honky tonk, rock and roll, and steakhouse joint (though I imagine that it, on some level, shares DNA with a combination Taco Bell and Pizza Hut), and wanders into batsh*t territory quite fast. According to the local NBC News affiliate, News4Nashville, Kid Rock’s combination honky tonky, rock and roll and steakhouse bar was disrupted by a drunk man earlier this week. Not very newsworthy.

Keep reading though: Not only was Nicholas Newhart drunk and blocking an emergency exit door at the bar, but when he was asked to leave he refused, even to the point that the bar’s security requested police assistance in removing him from the premises. What local police didn’t know when they arrived on the scene, is that Newhart had a colostomy bag in his pants (read: a medical plastic bag that collects fecal matter), and decided to use it as a weapon, whipping it out and swinging it at officers.

Yes, a man threw his own sh*t at police officers at Kid Rock’s combination honky tonk, rock and roll, and steakhouse bar. Karma, she never misses. Newhart apparently doesn’t either — his feces landed on a pair of officers, which has earned him a charge of assault on police officers, along with disorderly conduct and public intoxication. Three, two, one for Rock to put this all in a song, and then perform it at his bar, hopefully free from disruptions this time.