Explosions In The Sky’s ‘Moving On’ Single Is Yet Another Grandiose Offering From Their Upcoming ‘End’ Album

If there’s one group that embodies the saying “go big or go home,” it would be Explosions In The Sky. With each release, the group consisting of musicians Chris Hrasky (drummer), Munaf Rayani (guitarist), Michael James (keyboardist), and Mark Smith (keyboardist) further push the bounds of musical composition.

Explosions’ first album in seven years, End, is a few short weeks away. Last month, they shared its lead single, “Ten Billion People.” Now they are serving up the second grandiose offering from the forthcoming project. On their new record, “Moving On,” Explosions fine-tune their instrumentation-driven storytelling.

Unlike on “Ten Billion People,” which leaned into the robust operatic arrangements they’ve become known for, “Moving On” is a gentler journey through their imaginative professional minds. With each strum of the guitar and tap at the keyboard, “Moving On” shows the band’s vast range of emotion.

In a statement about the motivation behind their upcoming album, End, a representative from Explosions said, “Every song comes from a story, or an idea one of us has had that we’ve all expanded on and made its own world.”

Listen to Explosions In The Sky’s new song “Moving On” above.

End is out on 9/15 via Temporary Residence Ltd. Find more information here.