FKA Twigs And The Weeknd’s ‘Tears In The Club’ Vouches For The Brokenhearted

FKA Twigs and The Weeknd are both sitting on albums that their respective fan bases are eagerly waiting to get their hands on. Between the two artists, it seems that Twigs’ project will be the first to arrive. During a Discord conversation with fans back in September, she teased a “capri season take over,” meaning that something special could be on the way between December 22, 2021 and January 19, 2022. It seems very likely that this takeover will occur as Twigs returns with her latest single, “Tears In The Club” with The Weeknd.

The track goes out to those who have recently experienced heartbreak and are struggling to deal with the emotions that come with it. In response, Twigs and The Weeknd ask that they go out and have a fun night at the club while dancing the night away, even if the moment brings them tears. The track is also paired with an eccentric video that captures Twigs showing off her dance skills with a cast of backup dancers while The Weeknd is brought to tears by the sight of Twigs pole dancing in an underwater tank.

After releasing the song and video, Twigs hopped on Twitter to share a lengthy message about what her fans can expect from her in the future. “Listen yeh i’m being mad serious i’m not playing around,” she wrote. “Y’all gonna get what u’ve been wanting from me for bare time. There are levels to this game
and i am levelling up to MY best self, cause my best healthy self is my competition always.”

She continued, “Thank you to everyone who has been there from the start. Those who been eating off my artistry for time, I see u with grace. Thank you for pushing me to go harder and good luck in all u do. Here is some sweet sweet candy for u ;)”

“I’ve clawed my way out of the.. darkest place and have pushed hard to find my capri sun. Those who feel me, I do this for YOU [heart emoji] to change cultural DNA,” Twigs added. She concluded by writing, “This is just the beginning. Can’t wait to give love to so many beautiful artists who helped me get here this week. Follow ur dreams they will come tru if u do u. Surround urself with people who are kind. Love you always, you put me here, for real.”

You can press play on the video for “Tears In The Club” above.