Fleet Foxes Plan To Follow Their Surprise Album ‘Shore’ With More New Music In 2021

A week ago, the world had no clue that Fleet Foxes’ first album since 2017 would arrive in the near future, but then Shore was released just a day after it was formally announced. Now Robin Pecknold has revealed that he and the band plan to release even more new music next year.

Pecknold shared a lengthy statement about the new album, and he discussed a collection of nine songs the band wants to release in 2021 “to augment” the fifteen tracks on Shore. In the section titled “The Future,” he wrote (emphasis his):

“Since the beginning, Fleet Foxes has encompassed two facets: the studio albums and the live show. The studio albums have always been predominantly my work and my vision; I’ve always handled all the songwriting, most of the vocals and harmonies, and most of the recording of the instrumentation, usually working most closely with one other person, a producer or bandmate, to see the album through to completion. That’s as true now as it was a decade ago. In addition to that, I’ve been lucky to participate in the great adventure of long world tours with a fairly consistent team of live collaborators who I love and respect. And since we won’t be able to collaborate live in the near future, we have begun experimenting with writing songs together, in a way that we have never done before in the history of the band. For 2021, we hope to have nine more songs ready to augment the fifteen here. Those songs will be co-written from the ground up with Morgan Henderson, Skyler Skjelset, Casey Wescott, and Christian Wargo, in an attempt to make good use of this liminal time without extensive touring to he done. I’m incredibly excited to see where those songs end up and I hope that by the time they are done we will be able to bring all of this music to crowds around the world in some form or another.”

Read the full statement here, and check out our interview with Pecknold here.