The Earliest Known Foo Fighters Concert Video Has Surfaced, And The Band Loves It

Following the death of Nirvana leader Kurt Cobain, the band’s drummer, Dave Grohl, decided to record some solo music. His songs became the basis for Foo Fighters, which was originally just Grohl but later expanded to be a full band. Rock fans already know all this, because Foo Fighters are one of the most influential and important bands of the past 25 years. It had to start somewhere, though, and now there is video of a moment in time that’s about as close to the start as it gets: Newly-released footage of Foo Fighters’ fourth ever concert has surfaced, and it is now the earliest known concert video of the band (as notes).

On March 4, 1995 (exactly 25 years ago yesterday), Grohl and company performed at Velvet Elvis Arts Lounge in Seattle, and the show was filmed by a Nirvana fan named Travis Stanley, who misheard the band name and titled his recording “Food Fighters.” Stanley’s camcorder did not capture any sound, but another fan in attendance recorded audio of the performance, so the two sources have been merged. The setlist kicks off with rarities like “Butterflies” and “Winnebago,” but also includes more familiar songs like “Big Me” and “Alone + Easy Target.”

The timing for this video to emerge is perfect, as Foo Fighters have been celebrating their 25th anniversary recently, like when they announced their nostalgic “van tour” recently. By the way, the band approves of this newly surfaced video, as they shared it on their social media pages.

Watch the 42-minute concert video above.