Here Is Foo Fighters’ ‘Everything Or Nothing At All’ Tour Setlist

Foo Fighters have been touring for decade, so you know what to expect when Dave Grohl and company take the stage: consistency and greatness. Things have certainly changed in a major way, though: Following the death of Taylor Hawkins, Josh Freese has taken over as the band’s drummer.

So, that’s a new frontier for the group, and so is the Everything Or Nothing At All tour they just launched in Dallas last night, May 1. Per data from, the band delivered a mix of hits from throughout their discography, not especially leaning on one or two albums above the rest.

If you’re heading to a show in the near future or just want to see what a Foo Fighters concert in 2024 looks like, check out the Dallas setlist below.

Foo Fighters’ Everything Or Nothing At All Tour Setlist

1. “Bridge Burning”
2. “No Son Of Mine”
3. “Rescued”
4. “The Pretender”
5. “Times Like These”
6. “La Dee Da”
7. “Breakout”
8. “Medicine At Midnight”
9. “Walk”
10. guitar solo / “Sabotage” / keyboard solo / “Blitzkrieg Bop” / “The Outsider” / “Whip It” / “March Of The Pigs”
11. “My Hero”
12. “The Sky Is A Neighborhood”
13. “Learn To Fly”
14. “Arlandria”
15. “These Days”
16. “Shame Shame”
17. “All My Life”
18. “Nothing At All” (with “Blackbird” and “I’ll Stick Around” Snippets)
19. “The Glass”
20. “Monkey Wrench”
21. “Aurora
22. “Best Of You”
23. “The Teacher” (encore)
24. “Everlong ” (encore)