Girl In Red’s New Album ‘I’m Doing It Again Baby!’ Arrives This Spring And A New Song Drops Even Sooner

Girl In Red announced that her new album, greatly titled I’m Doing It Again Baby!, will be arriving this spring. As part of the reveal, she also shared that the lead single, “Too Much,” will be dropping on February 9.

As for what to expect, she won’t be departing too far from what fans heard on 2021’s If I Could Make It Go Quiet.

“I definitely feel like this new album is a lot more optimistic, but I obviously have some sad love bangers because love is always going to be a part of it; I’ve been on a journey of feeling really shitty and having really low self-esteem, but I’m in my positive era now,” Girl In Red previously shared during an interview with Dork Magazine, where she spoke about how her sound will evolve on this new album

“It’s still a very eclectic record,” she added. “The first one was all over the place, and some people said that was my weakness, but absolutely not. All those songs had strong identities, and I’m doing the same thing on this record. Maybe in the future, I’ll calm down and put out a record like Folklore, but I’m not there yet.”

Check out Girl In Red’s album announcement post below.

I’m Doing It Again Baby! is out 4/12 via Columbia. Find more information here.