Greta Van Fleet Indulge In Destruction For Their New ‘Age Of Machine’ Video

Classic rock revivalists Greta Van Fleet generated plenty of positive attention with their debut album, 2018’s Anthem Of The Peaceful Army. Now the gears are turning on their next album, The Battle At Garden’s Gate, which is set to drop in 2021. Today, they’ve shared a preview of it with a new video for “Age Of Machine.”

The clip for the Zeppelin-esque song shows off artistic imagery, including the destruction of a marble statue. Press materials note that the clip is intentionally open-ended: “The video addresses the crumbling beauty around us, but leaves the final significance to the viewer — whether that narrative be focused on climate, industrialism, intimacy, self confidence, tradition, humanity itself, or otherwise. The only clear concept in the video is that the band chooses life.”

The band recently told Rolling Stone of the song, “Self-liberation, or this idea of letting go, or transcending. Is there an afterlife? I think I would rather cease to exist. Taking a big sleep or something. Your body goes back to Earth, and there grows a tree, and the tree gives off oxygen. That’s just it: We’re tripping the light fantastic. We’re cosmic.”

They also said of the album, “There are definitely Biblical references. Not just in the title, but throughout the entire album… This is a world with the ancient civilizations in it, just like our own parallel universe, really. It’s an analogy. Each song is a theme. A magnification of different cultures and civilizations inside of this world searching for some kind of salvation or enlightenment.”

Watch the “Age Of Machine” video above.

The Battle At Garden’s Gate is out 4/16/2021 via Republic. Pre-order it here.