Grimes Insists Elon Musk Doesn’t Fund Her Career, ‘Contrary To Popular Belief’

Grimes‘ relationship to social media — and, let’s face it, the general public — is strange to say the least.

In a recent post, the singer shared a TikTok of herself undulating to a clubby backing track with the caption, “My label thinks this isn’t a single what do y’all think?” A user then commented, asking what a lot of us have no doubt wondered before (given that Grimes shares a child with Elon Musk, a literal billionaire): why is Grimes even signed to a label at all? Lo and behold, Grimes responded, writing, “Need to get out of the gate-keeping of indie music and I need $ for music videos etc haha contrary to popular belief my bf doesn’t fund my career.”


Things, er, heated up when another user wrote, “Your baby daddy could literally end world hunger but he’d rather go to space,” a reference to Musk’s SpaceX CEO status. To which Grimes replied, “His main biz is tackling climate change w legit results, IMO a fitting use of funds […] I think it’s a false equivalency to say we aren’t doing such and such because we are also pursuing the longer term goals as opposed to near term […] Space colonization is for long term benefit so it can feel inefficient. But we are undermining the work of the worlds [sic] best engineers and minds.”


Well, the song sounds good, anyway.