Grimes Is Judging A New CGI Singing Competition Show In The Vein Of ‘The Masked Singer’

As a forward-thinking indie-pop star with her fingers firmly on the pulse of cutting-edge tech like AI, virtual reality, and NFTs, it only makes sense that Canadian singer Grimes’ first foray into the “singing competition show” phase of her career will involve a virtual component. Alter Ego a new “secret identity” singing show in the vein of Masked Singer is coming to Fox this fall, and Grimes is set to be one of the judges alongside a panel that includes fellow Canadian Alanis Morissette, reality fixture Nick Lachey, and tech aficionado BET’s Rocsi Diaz is set to host.

The concept will build on Masked Singer‘s anonymous talent gimmick but add in elements of the Second Life game and Space Jam, with contestants creating digital avatars for their performances — which they’ll control using motion-capture technology. Fox’s president of alternative entertainment and specials said of the show, “Alter Ego merges talent and technology to revolutionize the singing competition show in only a way Fox can do. We are so excited to bring the fantastic, Alanis, Grimes, Nick, and Rocsi together as they search for the next big singing star, allowing incredible vocalists a chance to realize their dreams and perform like never before.”

Alter Ego will air Wednesdays this fall on Fox.