Grimes Blasts ‘Nazi’ Labeling After Expressing Her Deep Pride In The Musician’s White Culture Online

I Wanna Be Software” musician Grimes has never been one for labels. Typically, Grimes doesn’t care to clarify any online chatter linked to her name (especially surrounding her relationship with Elon Musk). However, regarding her children and ideology, she is always ready to clap back.

Today (December 31), Grimes took to her official X (formerly Twitter) page to blast users for labeling her a Nazi after expressing her appreciation for white culture. “I’m called a Nazi because I happily am proud of white culture. But every day, I think fondly of the brown king Cyrus the Great, who invented the first ever empire, and the Japanese icon Murasaki Shikibu, who wrote the first novel ever. What if humans just loved each other,” wrote Grimes.

She added, “History teaches us that we have all been, and always will be – great.”

Users online chimed with further criticism hurling other damning designations, including referring to Grimes as a white supremacist. “I’m a human suprematist – humans are amazing,” wrote Grimes in response to the claim.

After her initial post caused a firestorm of backlash, followers begged Grimes to delete the statement and step away from her account for a while. Both of which, she admittedly refused to do, writing, “I don’t care. I will always ride for the beauty and ingenuity of all humans. It is only those who refuse to look at history who think anyone superior or inferior, and I will happily die on this hill.”

When Grimes fans said they wanted to start 2024 with a bang, I’m sure this isn’t what they had envisioned.