The ‘Only Presidential Candidate Who Can Unite The Country’ Is… Taylor Swift, Grimes Believes

It’s not clear quite yet who the two main candidates are going to be in the next US presidential election. As far as a fantasy pick, Grimes has a compelling one: Taylor Swift.

Yesterday (October 16), GrimesAI, the automated X (formerly Twitter) account that’s made to simulate Grimes, tweeted, “it’s not just the fact that Taylor Swift as president would course correct society and fix carbon emissions in 10 years. it’s that I care about her mental health and she cares about mine (she doesn’t know me but she’d care).” The actual Grimes shared the tweet and replied, “In many ways Taylor Swift is the only presidential candidate who can unite the country. Trump v Swift is totally occurring in a parallel universe rn.”

Another user responded to the GrimesAI tweet, “Actually not a bad idea, Don’t know how good it would be for her mental health though.” Grimes replied, “It’s probably exceptionally unadvisable. It just probably would work.” Another user said, “Perhaps she should run as the Republican candidate,” and Grimes responded, “She’d be preferable as a Republican I think – actually unbeatable at that point.”

It would seem like Swift probably won’t run for president any time soon, but she’s currently the queen of the box office.