Hovvdy Ruminates On The Fragility Of Life On Their New Single, ‘Make Ya Proud’

We are just a month out from Hovvdy‘s upcoming self-titled fifth studio album. Ahead of the release, Hovvdy has shared “Make Ya Proud,” a poignant ballad displaying pure, raw emotion.

On “Make Ya Proud,” Hovvdy members Charlie Martin and Will Taylor reflect on life, detailing that while someone can live a very fulfilling life, the time we have on earth is too damn short.

“C’mon man, you need strength / Everyone needs a little more time / God damn, don’t we all need more time? / Thanks mom, I’ll stay for a while / Help you out how I can,” Martin sings on one of the song’s verses.

According to Martin, “Make Ya Proud” is one of the most personal tracks on the upcoming album.

“This is one of a few songs on the record I wrote for my grandpa Pete, my father’s father,” Martin said in a statement. “He passed away last summer and was in many ways the backbone of that side of my family. I wrote ‘Make Ya Proud’ during that time in Mississippi, between trips to the coast to visit him in the hospital. It’s really hard to describe; but the songs are a celebration of him and how he inspired me.”

You can listen to “Make Ya Proud” above.

Hovvdy is out 4/26 via Arts And Crafts. Find more information here.