How Long Is Noah Kahan’s ‘We’ll All Be Here Forever Tour’ Concert?

Fans of Noah Kahan can look forward to a stacked show. The country/alt-pop star is currently on his We’ll All Be Here Forever Tour, which comes after the past year proved to be a breakthrough for him. Kahan carved his way into the mainstream landscape with hits like “Dial Drunk,” “Paul Revere,” and “Stick Season,” the title track to his third studio album.

Fans of Kahan — whether they be longtime fans, or just discovered him last year — are all in for a treat with the We’ll All Be Here Forever Tour.

How Long Is Noah Kahan’s We’ll All Be Here Forever Tour Concert?

According to, the shows have started at 9 p.m. and have wrapped around 11 p.m., marking about an hour and 45 minutes of performance time. Kahan’s set list comprised of 20 songs, and three encores.

You can see the full setlist below.

Noah Kahan’s We’ll All Be Here Forever Tour Setlist

1. “Dial Drunk”
2. “New Perspective”
3. “Everywhere, Everything”
4. “False Confidence”
5. “Forever”
6. “Come Over”
7. “Godlight”
8. “Pain Is Like Cold Water”
9. “Maine”
10. “All My Love”
11. “Your Needs, My Needs”
12. “Paul Revere”
13. “You’re Gonna Go Far”
14. “Homesick”
15. “Growing Sideways”
16. “Glue Myself Shut”
17. “She Calls Me Back”
18. “Call Your Mom”
19. “Orange Juice”
20. “Northern Attitude”
21. “Young Blood”
22. “The View Between Villages”
23. “Stick Season”