Idles’ ‘I Dream Guillotine’ Is A Ferocious Anthem For The Working Class

British indie-punk mainstays, Idles, have continued to be prolific since their 2018 release Joy As An Act Of Resistance. The band has been steadily releasing music videos, singles, and even appeared on a raucous episode of NPR’s Tiny Desk series. Idles’s latest single, “I Dream Guillotine,” appears as a b-side to their “Mercedes Marxist,” and is a anthem against the perils faced by a generation of working class citizens.

In the new track, Idles frontman Joe Talbot shouts his pointed musings over quick guitar riffs and a steady snare. “My jaded visions of a / Jaded city broken / By a jaded wealthy jettison / We’re not fine, we’re not fine, we’re not fine.”

The song calls back to conditions of a post-industrial revolution working class, with Talbot bellowing about the “the front line, the bread line, the welfare line” and “the factory line.” By saying “I Dream Guillotine,” Talbot makes a statement about the French Revolution and the working-class parties who rose up to overthrow tyranny.

The new single, recorded during sessions for the latest album Joy As An Act Of Resistance, comes ahead of a brief fall North American tour. Idles will make their first stop in LA at The Wiltern and will culminate their tour in New York City.

“I Dream Guillotine” is a B-Side of their “Mercedes Marxist” 7″ via Partisan Records. Buy the record here.

In addition to the release of “I Dream Guillotine,” Idles debut a music video comically showing the exhaustion of working a 9-to-5 desk job. Watch the new music video below.