Indiecast Explores 2020’s Best Sleeper Records

What constitutes a “sleeper record”? Here at Indie Mixtape HQ, we determine a record to be a “sleeper” if we think it could be really popular… if more people just knew about it. On the second episode of Indiecast, Steven Hyden and Ian Cohen dig in on the 2020 albums they think are accessible and easy-to-like, but might not have the big promo push that other records from big-name artists might get.

These are albums that thrive on Bandcamp and in the underground. With their podcast, Hyden and Cohen seek to right this wrong by sharing their best finds from this year. Perhaps no album deserves mention more than Wares’ Survival, which was released in April and recently declared by Hyden to be “one of the year’s most emotionally overpowering and melodically satisfying rock records” in his review. Hyden also brings listeners’ attention to releases from 2nd Grade, Peel Dream Magazine, and more.

Cohen, on the other hand, is spreading the gospel of Viewing, the new album from Stay Inside, which he called for Pitchfork “one of the most confidently executed emo debuts of recent vintage, a bracing fusion of brutality and elegance.” He also praises recent releases from Ben Seretan, I’m Glad It’s You, and more.

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