Introducing Indiecast, A New Podcast Hosted By Steven Hyden And Ian Cohen

You might be familiar with our Indie Mixtape newsletter. (If you’re not, go ahead and sign up for that right here or below.) But what if you could also listen to our newsletter in addition to reading it each week? Wouldn’t that be a dream? Well, we’ve got you covered.

Starting on Friday, July 31, Indie Mixtape is pleased to announce a new podcast called Indiecast, hosted by our very own Steven Hyden and long-time music critic Ian Cohen of Pitchfork and Stereogum fame. Each week, Ian and Steven will talk about all the latest news in indie music. They will review new albums, break down trends, expose exciting new artists, and give you all the necessary context to understand what’s happening in the indie world as well as moments that established the genre’s canon. Of course, they’ll also pointlessly rank things — whether it’s the best indie albums of the aughts, the greatest Phoebe Bridgers tracks, or their favorite chillwave songs. True to its name, Indiecast has you covered on everything indie.

The show debuts on July 31, and there will be new episodes every Friday. Listen to the trailer and subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts here. Stay up to date and follow us on Instagram and Twitter.