Jack White’s Excitement About His Totally Tricked Out Guitar Is Surprisingly Contagious

Is there a modern rock hero more heavily associated with the guitar than Jack White? Wait, don’t answer that, no reason to start a turf war when the point is simply to discuss the one and only Jack White and his guitar obsession. Catapulted to mainstream fame during his work with The White Stripes, Jack has since become known for a plethora of other bands, like The Dead Weather, The Raconteurs, and his solo work, not to mention his record store and label Third Man Records — and for collaborating with plenty of other artists, notably Loretta Lynn and Bob Dylan.

But the thing that Jack might be best known for (at least after this video), is his obsession with guitars. In a new lighthearted clip posted to Youtube via The Raconteurs, Jack talks the audience through all the many tricks and “contraptions” that his Three Wheel Motion Low Rider Telecaster has been outfitted with. It’s pure guitar nerdery, but done with such earnest excitement, and with changes and updates offered over the course of a few months, that it’s hard not to get sucked in. The video has the slapdash feel of quarantine-driven fun, and hey, it’s nice to know famous musicians are getting a little silly while they’re cooped up, too.

Of course, listening to Jack’s music it’s clear that he’s doing things on a guitar most musicians can’t, but actually seeing him walk through some of the elements is pretty mind-blowing. And then of course, there’s the plug for a Raconteurs song at the end — this guitar can be heard on last year’s track “Somedays (I Don’t Feel Like Trying),” which you can also stream below.