James Blake Is ‘Loading’ Up A Fresh Chapter With His Melancholic New Single

James Blake‘s sixth album, Playing Robots Into Heaven arrives this fall. Ahead of the album, the singer and prolific producer has shared the latest song, “Loading.” The song opens with a smooth, melancholy instrumental, over which, Blake sings with pitched-up vocals.

“Wherever I go, I’m only as good as my mind / Which is only good if you’re mine / Which is only good if you’re mine,” he sings, before the instrumental transitions into a rapid percussion pattern. The distorted vocal effects continue throughout the song, symbolizing a wide range of emotions.

Over the years, Blake has collaborated with the likes of Travis Scott, SZA, Rosalía, and several others, delivering his transcendent musical stylings across a variety of genres. However, it appears that Blake will be the only vocalist on Playing Robots Into Heaven, as the tracklist doesn’t list any featured artists.

Blake has been rather quiet during this particular era, not having done a whole lot of interviews and press appearances. But the music speaks for itself, as “Loading” taps into Blake’s vulnerability and allows the listener to dance the pain away.

You can listen to “Loading” above.

Playing Robots Into Heaven is out 9/8 via Republic. Find more information here.