James Blake And SZA Weigh Both Sides Of ‘Coming Back’ To A Past Love

Two years removed from his fourth album Assure Form, which earned him a Grammy nomination for Best Alternative Album, James Blake is back in action with his fifth full-length release, Friends That Break Your Heart. The 12-track album is highlighted by a soothing appearance from SZA on “Coming Back.” The song showcases the aftermath of a lover’s attempt to depart from a past relationship. Regret and humility fill Blake’s voice as he comes to the realization that what he was running away from is actually what he needs. Despite this, SZA plays the woman in question as she uses her verse to reveal the concern she has with a second try at love.

Blake’s new album also features appearances from JID, Swavay, and Monica Martin, in what lands as a more solo effort in comparison to Assure Form. during an interview with British GQ last month, Blake explained the title of his fifth album. “It’s a Ronseal title,” he said, adding, “It feels relevant to the moment — if I may say so myself — because a lot of us had to contend with friendships where we weren’t getting what we needed out of them. Maybe we were moving on or people were moving on without us.”

You can listen to Blake and SZA’s collaboration in the video above.

Friends That Break Your Heart is out now via Republic. Get it here.