Jeff Tweedy Dips Into A Treasure Trove Of Unreleased Songs To Share ‘C’mon America’ And ‘UR-60 Unsent’

The welcome content factory that is Jeff Tweedy has delivered the goods once again. In the past 12 months, the Wilco frontman has delivered a solo album (Love Is The King), a New York Times bestselling book about channeling your musical creativity (How To Write One Song) and kicked-off a VERY active Substack newsletter, Starship Casual. Now the prolific songwriter and Chicago die-hard has dropped two new singles as part of the Sub Pop Singles Club.

“C’mon America” is the A-side to the 7-inch release that is part of unreleased bank of songs from Tweedy. It’s a passively patriotic tune whose opening guitar strums are reminiscent of Wilco’s classic “Kamera.” Its lyrical simplicity is endearing as Tweedy sings, “Now what you gonna do? Now that the world has turned against you?” The B-side is “UR-60 Unsent,” a gentle, wistful tune about an unsent mixtape to a lover and it comes from a different batch of unreleased songs, which makes you wonder just how much more material Tweedy is sitting on?

The Sub Pop Singles Club Vol. 6 edition features a dozen 7-inch releases from John Waters, Washed Out, Hand Habits, Porridge Radio, and more. You can peep the Singles Club playlist and claim one of the 1,000 subscriptions here.

Listen to “C’mon America” and “UR-60 Unsent” above.