Julian Casablancas Ripped Into Elon Musk For Being A ‘Super-Villain’ And A ‘Great Symbol For 2020s Pieces Of Sh*t’

We did not have the lead singer of The Strokes going postal on the CEO of Twitter on our 2022 bingo card, but does anything surprise anyone anymore these days? Julian Casablancas went fairly unhinged on Elon Musk, calling the tech magnate, “a typical ceo *sshole bottom-line hungry super-villain,” a “great symbol for 2020s pieces of sh*t,” and “elon tw*t,” in a series of since-deleted Instagram posts that seemed to be in response to Musk’s new blue checkmark verification policies.

The oft-erratic Casablancas took to his @minorbutmajor Instagram account and made two posts directed at Musk and an impersonator. The first of the two deleted posts featured an image of Saved By The Bell 90’s crush Kelly Kapowski (played by Tiffani Amber Thiessen) and it read:

“dear fake ‘verified’ twitter (thanks elon tw*at) acct person pretending to be me… hope ur good at hidingg, cuz imma cut your ugly ass throat when i find you. and i will. — Ana De Armas.

No idea why Casablancas attributed his words to Ana De Armas, but his second post was attributed to Ryan Gosling (again, no idea why) and it featured a photo of Roxy Music’s Bryan Ferry. In the caption, Casablancas wrote:

“PS dear Rober Baron asshole who makes butt ugly ass cars and thinks billionaires show pay no taxes… (elon musk) maybe twitter could deal if you didn’t (like a typical ceo asshole bottom-line hungry super-villain) fire half your staff. what a great symbol for 2020s pieces of shit -Ryan Gosling”

It seems as though someone might’ve been impersonating Casablancas on Twitter and Musk’s new lax verification policies might’ve made it seem like it was the real singer. Anyways, just another day in the year of our lord 2022. And as we stated before, the posts were deleted, but the internet keeps receipts: