Michael Sheen Battles A Surreal Toaster In Kelly Lee Owens And John Cale’s ‘Corner Of My Sky’ Video

Kelly Lee Owens released her brooding record Inner Song last month. The album was entirely solo besides “Corner Of My Sky,” her high-profile collaboration with Welsh musician John Cale. The song was particularly special for Owens, so when it came time to brainstorm a visual to the track, Owens asked fellow Welsh actor Michael Sheen to star in the production.

In the “Corner Of My Sky” video, Sheen portrays a despondent man who suddenly finds himself at odds with a surreal toaster. Sheen continuously places bread into the appliance before releasing the slices disappear into thin air. When Sheen’s curiousity gets the best of him, he enlists an unassuming delivery man to validate his experience. While the delivery man also notices the bread disappearing, he’s more concerned with distancing himself from the seemingly deranged Sheen than he is curious about where the bread is being transported to. Eventually, the mystery is revealed — but only in part.

About the video, Owens explained how her collaboration with Sheen came about:

“I knew I wanted a visual for ‘Corner Of My Sky’ and having been connected to Michael Sheen earlier in the year, I dared asked if he would like to be involved. Luckily he said yes! In Wales we live by the sentiment that ‘If you don’t ask, you don’t get.’ And so a true welsh collaboration in the form of John Cale, Michael and I was formed. The idea for the video was changed (very) last minute by Kasper, a Norwegian director who I have worked with on my last few videos including ‘Throwing Lines’ and ‘On’ and it was weird, trippy and hilarious – the perfect combo! Michael’s performance alongside John’s vocals and the magic toaster portal is gold and something I’m very happy to have out in the world.”

Echoing Owens’ statement, Sheen said he’s a fan of her music and jumped at the offer to star in the visual: “I’ve loved Kelly’s music for a while now and the opportunity to be part of a Kelly-John Cale-magic toaster holy Welsh trinity was too good to miss!”

Watch Owens’ “Corner Of My Sky” video above and revisit our interview with the musician here.

Inner Song is out now via Smalltown Supersound. Get it here.