Kevin Bacon Was Joined By Some Goats While Covering Radiohead

Between Christmas and the start of the next year, there’s usually a bit of a lull in the music world. Many artists don’t really feel like releasing new music or doing much of anything beyond relaxing and preparing themselves for next year, and who can blame them? Thankfully, Kevin Bacon has come through in the clutch to give music fans some delightful new material with which to obsess.

Yesterday, he shared a video of himself covering Radiohead’s classic “Creep” on acoustic guitar. He delivers a totally serviceable performance, but what sets the video apart is the fact that he is joined by some goats, one of which (an adorable baby) settles next to him and nibbles on his shirt sleeve. Bacon captioned his Instagram post, “The goats were insisting, so I had to try. Here’s Creep by @radiohead #GoatSongs.”

As for Radiohead themselves, there’s hope that 2021 will bring new music from the group. In a letter to fans, Jonny Greenwood wrote, “Right now, I just feel this: I hope you are safe and well and not too scared, or too bored. I also hope that somehow we can be part of making music for you soon, and that the pleasure of making music, and hearing music, whether in a gig, concert hall, church, or at home with friends — is not forgotten in this desolate year.”

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