The Killers Bring The Anthemic ‘In Another Life’ To ‘The Late Late Show’

The Killers are fresh off the release of Pressure Machine, their second album in under a year. Last night, they brought a slice of the concept album to The Late Late Show with their pre-taped performance of “In Another Life.”

Ahead of the performance, Brandon Flowers took some time to chat with James Corden. Of Pressure Machine, he said, “These are a different type of song. People are accustomed to hearing big anthemic songs from The Killers, and we feel that pressure when we go in the studio, to deliver and to keep people in the seats at the arenas and the stadiums. And so when everything got shut down, these other songs, in this silence, were able to bloom that otherwise would have been to quiet to compete with your typical Killers song.”

He also noted of “In Another Life,” “I think a lot of people can identify with thinking about those moments in your life and these decisions you made, and they may have seemed micro, but you wonder how big they ended up being and what road they led you down. I think that that’s really where this came from, and me wondering, had I not left… there’s been so much made about The Killers being from Las Vegas, but I spent so much of my formative years in this little town in rural Utah. You wonder about what your life would have been like had I stayed.”

Watch clips from The Killers on Corden above.

Pressure Machine is out now via Island Records. Get it here.