Lucy Dacus Learns About Locking Lips On ‘Kissing Lessons’

A few days ago, Lucy Dacus debuted a new single, “Kissing Lessons.” Fans could listen to the song on their phone, not via their preferred streaming service, but via an actual telephone call. Dacus shared an image of one of the fliers she put up out in the world and tweeted, “I went out to get a single tomato from the bodega during a blizzard and happened to see this taped to my local Subway station?!? I was like no way this is a LD promo that would be too coincidental.. BUT IT IS CALL (804) 409-4451 TO HEAR KISSING LESSONS RIGHT NOW!!”

That was a fun way to promote a new song, but now, the tune has gotten a proper premiere on streaming platforms, as Dacus officially released the track today. It’s a brief one, clocking in at under two minutes, and Dacus uses that time to tell a story about learning the ins and outs of smooching from a childhood friend. The tale begins, “Rachel was a year older / When I was in the second grade / I thought she might know everything / I took her word like a golden ring / I asked her how to win my man / And she said, ‘I know just the thing’ / Gave me lipgloss and a hair toss / And, after school, a lesson in kissing.”

Watch the “Kissing Lessons” video above.