LVL UP Joked About A Potential Imposter On The Newly-Announced Lollapalooza Lineup

The art of being in a band is a difficult one to master, and even plenty of the best groups come to an end way before fans want them to do so. One such excellent band was LVL Up, who opted to go their separate ways back in 2018, much to the disappointment of fans and the industry at large. After eight years together, their last official album was Return To Love, released in 2016.

Nowadays, one of the band’s former members, guitarist and vocalist Mike Caridi has his own project called The Glow, which features former LVL Up drummer Greg Rutkin as well. The Glow, however, was not invited to play at this year’s Lollapalooza festival. But who was instead?? A LVL UP imposter, maybe! The new band, who opted to spell their name with vowels, as Level Up, appear in the lower lines of the festival poster, a coincidence (or not) that immediately caught the attention of eagle-eyed LVL UP fans — and the band itself.

The band jokingly posted the lineup on Twitter earlier today after the festival was announced, calling on the highest powers of the law to execute a cease and desist for them. “Cease & desist @lawandordertv @JudgeJudy,” they tweeted, tagging both the formidable judge, known for settling small claims disputes, and the team at Law And Order. Just a little indie music humor for you on a Wednesday night! In the meantime, check out the The Glow’s newest singles “Love Only” and “Heavy Glow” below.