Marilyn Manson Will Surrender To Police Following An Arrest Warrant On Assault Charges

At the end of last month, New Hampshire police publicized an arrest warrant they had in place since October 2019 for Marilyn Manson, who had failed to turn himself in on assault charges. The singer is accused of spitting on a cameraman during a show at the Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion. TMZ obtained video of the incident, which resulted in Manson getting hit with two charges of simple assault. Now, according to the Los Angeles Times, the singer will finally turn himself to the Los Angeles Police Department.

Gilford Police Chief Anthony Bean Burpee shared the news in a statement that was shared on Friday. It’s unknown when exactly the singer will turn himself in. As for the incident in question, police said a videographer was hired to shoot the concert on camera, which was meant to provide a live feed for those in attendance. At some point during the show, Manson spit on the camera, with some of it landing on the videographer, which prompted them to press charges.

According to Burpee, the videographer reported the alleged crime to the Gilford police department the day after the concert occurred. However, the arrest warrant was not filed for nearly two months as this was the time that was needed for officers to complete their investigation into the incident.

When the arrest warrant was made public in May, the Gilford police department emphasized that it was in no way connected to Manson’s recent string of domestic violence and sexual assault accusations.