The Viral Mark McGrath Break-Up Video Turned Out To Be A Hoax

Yesterday, a funny video started spreading around (as tends to happen online): Somebody allegedly paid Mark McGrath to make a Cameo video in which he ends the long-distance relationship of a Sugar Ray fan. The clip was tragic and funny, but like many things on the internet, it was apparently too good to be true: Twitter user @SeanAppalled is taking credit for the video, which he calls a “joke.”

After the McGrath video, SeanAppalled shared another video of Anthony Scaramucci saying many of the same things that McGrath said in his clip. SeanAppalled explains, “Bradyns girlfriend got back together with him and then broke up with him again using anthony scaramucci.” SeanAppalled then shared a screenshot of some media coverage of the McGrath video and wrote, “as viral as my joke is going I don’t think i gained a single follower over this. I shoulda hired criss angel.”

McGrath himself has also admitted that the video was a joke, writing on Twitter, “I just decided to roll with what I thought was a pretty obvious joke!”

It’s a bummer that this didn’t end up being real, but it’s a good day for the fictional Bradyn, who was fortunately not actually broken up with in this manner, because he does not exist outside of our hearts and minds.