MGMT’s Andrew VanWyngarden Really Made A Coronavirus Song, ‘Oh No Corona’

Yesterday, Charli XCX took to Twitter to ask the question that’s on everybody’s mind: “which artist do we think will name check coronavirus in their lyrics first?” Now there’s an answer, and the artist is MGMT singer Andrew VanWyngarden.

A couple days ago, he put out a call on Twitter, asking, “Does anyone with free time and good computer skills want to make a music video for a hyper dance song about the coronavirus that I made? No budget haha.” A fan asked if the song is as hectic as Elon Musk’s “Don’t Doubt Ur Vibe,” to which VanWyngarden responded, “way more hectic, like grimes on crack.”

He planned on finishing the song yesterday, but since he didn’t, he instead shared a teaser of “Oh No Corona.” The 52-second snippet is as Van Wyngarden described it: The track fades in to an ultra-high-tempo electronic instrumental with unintelligible Wyngarden vocals.

On a more serious note, the last time we heard from MGMT was 2018, when they released their latest album, Little Dark Age. The band is also one of the opening acts on Tame Impala’s tour this year.

Listen to the “Oh No Corona” teaser above, and revisit our 2018 interview with MGMT here.

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