MGMT Steal A Hit Filipino Synthpop Song In Their Reality-Blurring New Video For ‘Me And Michael’

Music News Editor

MGMT’s highly anticipated album, Little Dark Age, comes out in just a couple days, but before that, they’re offering one last preview of their upcoming fourth album: Today, the band has shared a video for “Me And Michael” that genuinely blurs the line between fiction and reality.

In the video (directed by Joey Frank and Randy Maitland), MGMT gets so into a song by Filipino band True Faith (who are actually a real band in the Philippines, by the way) that they decide to plagiarize it and record it for themselves. The song becomes a hit, but when the inevitable theft accusations come, things start going in a less positive direction. What’s most interesting about the song and video is how deep this narrative goes: True Faith actually recorded the “original” version of the song, “Ako at si Michael,” in real life, and they released a video for it a few days ago, all for the sake of this MGMT music video.

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