Mick Jagger Suggested That He May Donate The Rolling Stones’ Catalog Earnings To Charity

The Rolling Stones have a big comeback underway. Over the course of the past few weeks, the British rock legends released two new singles — “Angry,” which is accompanied by a music video starring Sydney Sweeney, and “Sweet Sounds Of Heaven,” a collaboration with Stevie Wonder and Lady Gaga. Both of these songs will appear on the band’s upcoming 26th album, Hackney Diamonds.

As the band’s comeback has garnered much buzz, their album will likely produce a large payout. The Rolling Stones’ catalog proves to be illustrious with several hit songs and critically acclaimed albums in their repertoire. And the band owns all of the music they’ve recorded since 1971. In an interview with Wall Street Journal Magazine, the band’s lead vocalist said he doesn’t plan to sell the band’s catalog. He suggested that he may donate parts of the Stones’ catalog earnings to charity.

He noted that he plans to leave some money to heirs, however, “the children don’t need $500 million to live well. Come on.” he said. He continued implying that he would like to make an impact with the band’s money. “You maybe do some good in the world.”

Hackney Diamonds is out 10/20 via Geffen. Find more information here.