Moses Sumney Peers Into The Future For His ‘Me In 20 Years’ Video

Videos are more than an afterthought to Moses Sumney. He and his collaborators always put a ton of effort into the visuals that accompany his songs, and consequently, the videos from Sumney’s new album, Grae, have been a spectacle. Now, he is back with another clip, this time for “Me In 20 Years.” As the title suggests, the clip sees Sumney looking to the future and what it might be like, warts, surrealism, and all.

Like a number of other tracks on Grae, this one was co-produced by Daniel Lopatin (aka Oneohtrix Point Never). The visual was directed by long-time collaborator Allie Avital and shot in Kiev, Ukraine. Press materials call it “an emotionally devastating and achingly personal look into Moses’ visions of the future, with an added twist of subtle and dreamlike visual elements.”

Sumney previously said of the track, “Upon playing the demo for ‘Me In 20 Years’ for Dan Lopatin, he told me it sounded like an old lady screaming to herself in the middle of Whole Foods. I knew then and there that he was the right collaborator to take [the song] to a catastrophic level.”

Watch the “Me In 20 Years” video above.

Grae is out now via Jagjaguwar. Get it here.