Muna Give A Lively Performance Of ‘Anything But Me’ On ‘Ellen’

Rising indie stars Muna announced an eponymous new album last month and unveiled the anthemic lead single “Anything But Me,” which was almost as immediately catchy as their hit “Silk Chiffon.” Today, they’ve made their daytime television debut by bringing that new jaunty song to Ellen in a lively performance with a lot of synchronized swaying and stepping. The sass jumps out with the clever first line: “You’re gonna say that I’m on a high horse / I think that my horse is regular-sized.”

The trio said that their new album watches them explore an array of sounds and genres. “The sound of this record explodes in a ton of different directions,” Gravin said.

They also divulged that fellow indie star Mitski, who just recently released the massive Laurel Hell, helped out by joining their writing sessions. That only adds to their impressive group of supporters, which also included Phoebe Bridgers, who signed them onto her label imprint Saddest Factory Records.

“We look forward to this lifelong partnership and Phoebe raising our first born children, as was included in the contract,” the band joked in their statement about signing to Saddest Factory.

Watch the fantastic performance of “Anything But Me” above.