Nick Cave And Debbie Harry Linked Up For A Moving Cover Of Jeffrey Lee Pierce’s ‘On The Other Side’

Nick Cave always has wisdom to share, whether that’s in the form of sprawling songs or thoughtful blog posts. The enigmatic musician has a new collaboration with Debbie Harry for The Task Has Overwhelmed Us, the fourth installment of “The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project” series.

It’s a gentle, piano-driven cover of “On The Other Side,” and it showcases his natural knack for tear-jerking, moving ballads. Their vocals together create beautiful, memorable harmonies, and it serves as a wonderful tribute that chooses hope over grief.

Earlier this year, Cave revealed that he’s working on a new Bad Seeds album. “My plan for this year is to make a new record with the Bad Seeds,” he wrote in a post for The Red Hand Files. “This is both good news and bad news. Good news because who doesn’t want a new Bad Seeds record? Bad news because I’ve got to write the bloody thing.”

He added, “I started the process at 9am on January 1st. It is now January 6th — nearly a week has passed and I’ve written a few things but they aren’t very good, or maybe they are, it’s difficult to tell.”

Listen to “On the Other Side” above.